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The ERICA MILLER SPA SCHOOL, FEATURING A 1 WEEK SPA MANAGEMENT and SPA DIRECTORS COURSE is an educational program for the advancement of spa, esthetic and management education in Canada and around the world. Celebrating one of the worlds greatest spa management and esthetic educators, The Erica Miller Spa School “Spa Directors” course, at The Hills Health Ranch, offers programs, instructions, & teachings of legendary Erica Miller, lecturer-educator & author of some of the most used spa management text books in esthetic schools around the world today.

The course program is delivered at the only resort & destination spa in the world that Erica Miller felt comfortable to affiliate her name with, The Hills Health Ranch. It is there that students will not only learn from the great staff of instructors that Erica helped assemble, you will also experience how the spa operates, plus you will meet the staff, and have chances to ask them all the questions that you may wish, and that’s what ERICA MILLER had in mind for you when you come to her school at The Hills Health Ranch!!!

Students have come from around the world to experience the instructors and environment that she felt would be the best destination for the ultimate spa learning environment imaginable, and that’s what awaits you!

Spa Business and Development
Trouble Shooting Problems in the Day Spa or Resort Spa
Facial & Spa Equipment Usage - Theory and Practice
Consultation and Analysis
Merchandising and Retail Development to strengthen Profitability
Personnel Management and Staffing Motivation - Mentoring and Personnel
Development - Minimizing Turnover
Developing a Top Notch Team and Team Playing
Specialized Facial Treatments
Speed Waxing Techniques
Spa Body Treatments for the Wet and Dry room
Expanding and Combining Body Services
SHIATSU, Stone and Other Massage Training
Advanced Spa Manicures and pedicures
Make-Up and Profitability for the Spa
Make-Up Techniques - Day, Evening, Special Occasion, Corrective Camouflage
Product Knowledge
Classes by the distribution arm of the company

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